90-240L Wheelie Bin Handler

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Our 90-240L Wheelie Bin Handler makes emptying smaller bins at height & into large receptacles easier ensuring efficient waste management.

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Our 90-240L Wheelie Bin Handler overcomes the problem of emptying smaller bins at height and into larger receptacles. The wheelie bin handler is simply fitted to the forklift truck forks, and with the aid of a manual winch mechanism, allows the wheelie bins to be picked up and emptied without the need for manual handling, thus reducing risk of injury whilst increasing Health & Safety on site.

The 90-240L Wheelie Bin Handler simply picks up the wheelie bin via the bins handle, and by means of a pull cord attached to the wheel and the other end fed through the winch, the wheelie bin will pivot forward allowing the lid to open once the forklift mast is raised and the winch mechanism is operated.

For added convenience, the forklift wheelie bin handler will be supplied with a locating stand

Key features:

• Suitable for use with 90 -240 litre wheelie bins, offering flexibility of use over the most popular sizes of wheelie bins

• Simple winch mechanism allows wheelie bins to be tipped without manual handling, thus reducing risk of back injury

• Supplied with locating stand for quick and easy fitment to forklift whilst reducing downtime

• Large ‘T’ screw retention to forklift forks to ensure the wheelie bin handler is fastened to the forklift safely

• Painted in high gloss yellow finish to highlight visibility on forklift truck

• ‘CE’ marked and supplied with Certificate of Conformity to comply with Health & Safety Regulations

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