Dust Suppression Attachment with Valve

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Our Dust Suppression Attachment with Valve is designed to fit most IBCs and is a way to save IBCs that would otherwise be discarded because of a broken tap.


Our dust suppression attachment with a valve, manufactured by Tipping Skips, is designed to fit most IBCs and is a much more cost effective way to keep dust at bay on site. This new version includes a valve enabling you to extend the life of an IBC with a broken tap.

The valve controls the flow of water through the attachment rather than through the IBC.

Simply unscrew the cap from any (ideally) full IBC, anywhere on site, screw this unit in place and once on the forks of the telehandler simply turn the tap on.

The unit has been carefully designed to spray the water coming from the IBC as far as possible not just forwards but to the side. It is also very slightly narrower than the tank to prevent damage. It has been designed to have no moving parts and relies on gravity to spread the water.

View the first unit in action here.

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